Rules for Spirit of VLN | Season 2016

Gentleman-Agreement: The self-concept of “Spirit of VLN”-series is to be a simracing series for enthusiastic gentlemen drivers: Most important for us is to race fair and clean! All drivers are asked to give the other drivers as much room and respect as possible. All drivers are asked to get as little incidents as possible – and cutting the track intentionally or/and repeatedly is a No-Go… There will be no live stewards, no race commission to send protests in and no prize money. BUT: There will be a lot of fun and intense racing, and there is no kind of limitation (for example a minimum of iRating-points) to participate – so every team which is willing to have a good time together on track is invited to join us!

§1 Registration:

Each team has to register by using the official registration form (a link to this registration form is provided in the iRacing-memberforum).

Available classes/cars:

A maximum of 12 cars is allowed in each class (total number of 60 cars). If no free slot is available the registering team is put on the waiting list for this class (or the team can switch to another class with free slots). Each team (e.g. "XYZ-Motorsport") is allowed to register only one car per class in the first week after registration is opened. Each team is allowed to have a maximum number of two cars per class only. Each team has to name a "team chief" (with a valid email-adress) within the registration process.

§2 Team Racing and Participation, Track

The Spirit-of-VLN-series is a team racing series - that means it doesn't matter to us which drivers are driving the team's car in the race, also single driver teams are allowed, there is no "fair share rule" or something else. The best 8 races within one season will count for the championship so each team is allowed to miss two races. If a team misses a third race within a season this team is put at the the end of the waiting list for this class (if a waiting list exists).

All races take place on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife / VLN-layout (in combination with the Nürburgring GP-track).

§3 Standings and points:

There will be two different kinds of standings:

  1. Overall standing: Like in real VLN-series there will be a special point scheme to give points to all teams according to the position they reached in their class. The number of points is dependent on the number of participating opponents (see table below)
  2. Class standing: Each car class will have its own standing - the class points will be the same like the points for the overall ranking.

VLN point scheme: the numbers in the top row represent the number of participants in the class, the numbers in the left column represents the position gained in this class.

§4 Time schedule / Weather:

Season 2016 contains ten races, the race calender can be found here. Raceday is saturday. Time schedule:

There will be an official training session on each friday before the raceday, this has the following time schedule:

Weather will be set to "realistic weather" in season 2016.

§5 Behaviour on track:

Only the intro lap and the first lap of each race will be reviewed.

  1. Respect your opponents!
  2. Try to avoid any kind of incident
  3. Drive fair and drive clean
  4. Starting procedure: Rolling start, all cars have to keep the pacecar limit until "green" is given by iRacing (no jump starts please!)
  5. Slower cars should just hold their line, faster cars have to find their way to pass the slower cars in the race
  6. Behave like a gentleman: if you gained a position due to a contact with another car and it was your fault, please give back this position

Qualifying procedure: All cars are allowed on track in the qualification (no class division)

Starting procedure: The starting grid is split into 5 groups (each class is headed by the fastest BMW/Ruf/Kia/Mustang/Mazda), the leading car of each group has to leave a gap of approx. 5 seconds to the car in front of him ("relative standing" in IR should be used to check this gap please). All teams are only allowed to start after "green" was given to all teams (not before this).

Have fund and enjy your race!

§6 Custom skins:

It is possible (but not mandatory) to use trading paints for custom skins.

(last update: 3.1.2016)